ENAR Therapy For Chronic Allergies

Testing, Treatment and .......Us

Our Daughter, Olivia

After Olivia had her first session of ENAR/SCENAR Therapy she was simply a changed child.  Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were rosy and she no longer had the abdominal migraines she had so often.  We were convinced this was something that was worth looking into further.

I began developing specific Food Sensitivity Testing and Treatment protocols using ENAR and promptly went about reducing the effects of her intolerances one by one. Olivia was highly intolerant to all foods bar rice.  She now eats a very balanced diet. Olivia couldn’t even eat most fruits, vegetables, meat, cereals/grains, etc without having terrible tummy aches and now we’re happy to say she tolerates all of those things well.

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Olivia in hospital having her MILK challenge!  

"It's so creamy!!!"

100% just fine!!


When you test me for a intolerance can you treat me then and there? Yes!  Depending on how many and what types of sensitivities you have, I may be able to treat you for some or all your allergies in the one session.

How many treatments should I have? Intolerances are something that are very individual, however it's common for people to need around 5 sessions to complete a series of testing and treatments until all the allergens causing the symptoms are dealt with. 

What types of things can you test for?  All types of common foods including wheat, yeast gluten, milk, fruits, vegetables, meat, additives etc.  Also able to test inhalants such as; dust, dust mite, moulds, pollens, grasses and chemicals including chlorine, washing powders, SLES, parabens, etc!

What should I expect from the Testing and Treating? If you go to my "what are the facts" page, you'll see a number of short video's using the ENAR, Thermal Imaging results as well as Muscle Response Testing (MRT).  The MRT is what I use to determine what Allergies you have. The procedure is non-invasive and appropriate for babies through to adults and elderly. The ENAR is then used in conjunction with the testing (MRT) to create a change in the body's response to the allergen.

Simple, Painless and Effective!

Can I eat the food I was sensitive to straight after the session? The body needs time to catch up to the treatment, so usually the client only needs to stay off the food completely for 48 hours for the treatment to hold. 

Is it safe?  Absolutely!  I've used these exact same treatments on my daughter (as well as many many other clients) and she is now able to eat all the foods she was highly sensitive to with no problems at all.  Her medical testing showed no response to allergens after her ENAR treatments.