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You want to Quit Smoking today? 

You want the last cigarette to be the one you have just smoked? 

You really want this? 

Then if that's the case I can help you........... 


I’m thrilled to report that all (yes ALL) of my Quit Smoking clients between 90-95% of their cravings gone!!  This makes beating the actual habit so much easier.  Pretty impressive since most of my clients tell me that they have tried so many other things and they  haven't worked nearly as well.


How does it work?

I always treat people holistically and Quit Smoking is no different.  So by using the ENAR to stimulate the nervous system to start with, this begins the flow of energy in the body....  the body is then able to concentrate on the matter at hand - QUIT SMOKING!  Now we are ready to work on particular acupressure points in conjunction with ENAR (used in Chinese Medicine) in a particular pattern to significantly reduce the uncontrollable urge to smoke.


One of my clients said the other day during treatment " I have never stopped smoking before and not wanted to stab someone in the eye with a pen!!"  "I don't feel like stabbing people in the eye with a pen with this treatment - it's great...and way more team friendly!!"  I had to get this down - I thought YES even though we wouldn't act on such an impulse ....isn't that exactly what giving up an addiction is like!!?? (Thanks to that client - you know who you are - for allowing me to use this quote).


Here's what some of my other clients have been saying:


Thanks for everything, your work has been excellent for the quit smoking treatment… still not smoking!  Matthew

I can’t believe how good it is…I’m a sceptic when it comes to anything different, but so glad I tried it as I haven’t had the urge to smoke after one session!! 

Thankyou so much!


Oh my gosh - I feel so good!!  Even just walking places is easier and I don't feel as puffed and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet!!!  I am definitely a non-smoker and I'm so happy about it!    Michelle



**This is where you come in**...

Around 50% of the need to smoke are the uncontrollable urges (the addiction) and as high as 50% is the habit of smoking that you've allowed yourself to have.  The number one reason people go back to smoking (in my opinion) is because they don't address the habit! 


When do you smoke the most???

  • What will you do when you get stressed and want to reach for "your old friend"?
  • What will you do at break times at work instead of smoke?
  • How will you be when you're drinking alcohol on the weekend? 
  • What about when you have a coffee?

Here's some tips and tricks:

  • Have a glass of water at your desk rather than a bottle.  That way at usual cigarette time you simply get up, go to the furthest away kitchen and fill up your water.  This way you drink more, move and be active so you feel you’ve had a break from your desk and the computer AND best of all you didn’t have a smoke that you didn’t even want.

  •  Drink green tea or juice or something completely different so it doesn’t feel like the same situation as before and you’re missing something. 


  • With alcohol – try for a few weeks not to have a big night out…it’s harder to control a habit when you’re VERY relaxed about it at the time.

  • As one of my clients says - have "non-smoking outdoor time".  Allow yourself to get some fresh air in your break, don't think you have to hide away at your desk (if you're in an office) just because you no longer hang with the smoking crowd at break times.

  • There's lots you can miss about smoking, the smoking buddies, the outdoors, getting away from your actual job for a few minutes.  Replace these things QUICKLY with different or even similar things that simply don't involve smoking.  Meet up with a friend for lunch regularly, go for a walk in your breaks even if only for 5-10 minutes - make it a social event. One of my clients who works in an office said that what she noticed when she started doing this, was that she could talk louder outside away from her desk and have a real laugh with some friends, all the things she wasn't doing simply because she just hid at her desk now that she was a non-smoker!

  • Stressed?  Do you smoke more then?  Can you do something else instead – go for a walk – buy straws to bite/chew, eat a chuppa chup?? – can you write down your issues somewhere – take a note book with you? What about something physical - If you're at home you could whipper snip, vacuum...something that makes you feel satisfied with the job afterwards.  If you're at work then go for a walk, chew something hard, talk to a friend.


You need to have a backup plan rather than just leaving the HABIT to sort out itself.  When you come and see me….YOU NO LONGER SMOKE!!  You're not quitting smoking - you have QUIT SMOKING!!        

..................WHAT'S YOUR BACK UP PLAN!!.................


From experience it usually takes 3 visits to feel sure that you no longer smoke (so I ask you to book 3 visits straight away - a few days apart if possible eg Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)- however as I've said after the first visit already people have noticed a very significant change in the urges.  After the first session, the next few sessions concentrate on relieving stress and tension...all the while working on quit smoking.  

So for only $195 (Initial treatment + 2 subsequent sessions) 

you can QUIT SMOKING....that's not a bad deal now is it! 

Do you spend this much on cigarettes a fortnight or even in a week?

Is it advised to come for a "strengthening" session in a month's time?

My experience has shown me that after the initial 3 treatments, clients have completely lost the uncontrollable urge to smoke.  However, they still have to fight the habit side of things as situations present in their lives (stressful encounters, holidays, partying).  I have found those clients who revisit me in around one month's time, nail quit smoking forever - they simply don't want to do it anymore - the habit becomes a thing of the past.  This is something worth considering if you're serious about giving up!


...what are you waiting for?? 

Book in today!

Quit Smoking Testimonial

Heidi ...... From 30 smokes a day for 30 years to NOTHING almost overnight! Incredibly amazing. Put all those sceptics to shame (me included) - I thought oh well the worst that would happen is I would be out the cash for the 3 treatments.

Considering I have never felt this amazing (well at least in the last dozen years or so) - thank you!! I am smoke free and stress free now!! You are amazing. I feel incredible - like I have a layer of teflon all over me!!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow old.
Helen D


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